An Advocate for Civil Rights and Equity

Ethics. Integrity. Diligence.

Candace is not currently running for office, but still advocates for progressive values that will benefit the lives of the people of New Hampshire

About Candace

As a mom of two and a registered nurse, Candace cares very much about children. She has experience in tutoring and substitute teaching, so she sees some of the issues from the teachers’ perspectives. Aside from work and family, Candace enjoys volunteering in the community: she has volunteered with Families in Transition, community events with faith-based organizations, and the Bookmobile. She has done community service projects four times in Africa, including building the foundation for a hospital in 1999, and serving as a RN in Mozambique with Nurses for Africa in 2019. She often attends peaceful protests about issues that deny people their civil rights. She is a card-carrying member of the ACLU, American Humanists Association, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Human Rights Campaign.

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Candace has many concerns regarding issues of public interest. The short list includes:

  • Health issues: including healthcare as a whole, disabilities, and mental health. She believes healthcare is a human right and advocates for Medicare For All.
  • Workplace issues: including pay, and family medical leave. She is an activist for raising the minimum wage. $7.25 is abysmal.
  • Education issues: including school funding, supporting educators, and curricula. Education is the foundation of our society and she wants our public schools to thrive.

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